notes: The Kavanaugh media circus

Watch: Christine Blasey Ford’s raw, emotional opening statement

In her statement, Ford says

“I tried to get away… but his weight was heavy…he was inebriated”

BS. Pushing a drunk teenage kid away, who probably weighs 140 pounds or so, is not hard to do, even for a 15-year-old girl in a high-adrenaline frightened state. The only way she would have not been able to get away is if she were physically restrained, not by weight alone.

The Kavanaugh situation has gotten out of control. It sets precedent where anyone can accuse someone of something , however unsubstantiated, and the accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent . But it’s even worse because there is zero evidence that can exonerate the accused. There is no downside for the accuser and only downside for the accused. It turns the whole process into a circus and is a mockery of the institution. Maybe that is good because it’s not worth saving if this is what it has become.