Elon Musk vs. the left: Twitter War

This is pretty funny. I saw this exchange between brilliant innovator and capitalist Elon Musk vs. a no-name leftist on Twitter, and I took some screenshots

It begins with Elon musk rightfully lambasting the media:

And then no-name liberal “Steven Greenhouse” responds by equating Musk’s criticism of the media with Trump’s criticism. It’s as if, according to what passes as logic, if Musk and Trump agree on an issue or topic, they agree on everything and hence it’s an endorsement of all of Trump’s policies on Musk’s part. It’s as if two people cannot arrive at the same conclusion independently.

It must suck being constantly stopped on the street by strangers and asked “Hey…are you the former labor reporter for the New York Times and author of ‘The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker?'” lol

Note, as I discussed in 2014, The Internet Stands With Elon Musk, the New York Times tried (unsuccessfully) to defame Tesla in an intentionally botched review of the Tesla Roadster:

This is not the first time the left has attacked Elon Musk and Tesla. As I wrote earlier, in 2013, the New York Times (which shills for GM and Ford, two brands backed by Obama and consistently rank ‘worse’ in Consumer Reports for reliability and customer satisfaction) published a hit piece on Tesla in which columnist John M. Broder deliberately ran his test Tesla low on power so he could write a negative review.

At the time the review was published, Tesla stock was at $35. It has since nearly gained 800%. Just another example of the left-wing media being wrong.

The internet stands with Musk. Even those who don’t like Trump’s policies oppose how the media distorts him. They see through the left’s BS.

Also, Musk is supposed to stand idle as the media slanders his company, his reputation, and Trump, or else he ‘cannot handle the heat.’ That’s how the left frames it: defending yourself is an admission of failure and guilt, because you can’t ‘handle the heat.’ If you’re white, male, and successful, you’re supposed to take the left’s abuse, distortions, and cries of ‘white privilege,’ not fight back.

And then in response to yet another no-name leftist (theverge.com writer Andrew J. Hawkins), Elon Musk brilliantly encapsulates a factor for why Trump won:

The media was certain Hillary was inevitable. She wasn’t. It was certain the economy would tank if Trump won (it didn’t).