Bitcoin : Why it won’t be revolutionary

Unlike Beanie Babies, Bitcoin isn’t totally useless, but it will not be the revolutionary technology that many hope and expect it to be. So the good news is , if there is any, is that Bitcoin will not go to zero, but for those who bought it at $5k-20k it may as well be zero. The altcoins are however will prove to be worthless though, except for maybe monero, ethereum and maybe the rest off the top 15 or so. For a technology to see wide adoption, it must solve an important problem. Antibiotics, for example, solved an important problem (like people dying of small cuts); hence why they are so common. Bitcoin fails in this regard to justify such a high price. It solves the double spend problem and in some instances Bitcoin is useful for buying stuff online, but that is not big enough to justify the total value of these coins being north of $300 billion.