The news carousel

I liken politics and news to a carousel, in that it’s the same stuff over and over in a loop. There is the illusion of action because there is displacement and movement, yet the path is fixed and predictable. One could take a newspaper from March 2017 and change the dates to March 2018 and few would know the difference; it would still be the same stuff: Trump’s cabinet, Congress, Russia, Syria, Flynn, etc. Occasionally you get something like 911 or the election of Trump, what some call black swans, which throw everything into chaos, but usually the trajectory is predictable for long stretches of time.

As evidence of this, from the post Deterministic society & economy I wrote:

The news cycle is like a carousal or treadmill, with the same stories over and over again: Hillary, Russia & emails, terrorist attack in {UK,Germany,France} with {truck,knife,gun,bomb} (but Brexit was supposed to fix everything tho..), Trump appointees, North Korea, some random campus protest, alt-right/right-wing rally disturbed by Antifa, random culture war issue (transgender bathrooms, etc.), etc.

Well it looks like there has been yet another terrorist attack, this time in Germany and involving a truck.

What this shows is that where there is Islamic immigration, either illegal or legal, there will be an elevated risk of terrorism.

Banning guns means terrorists will resort to other means.

Brexit and the overhyped populist uprisings of 2015-2017, as predicted here, has so far accomplished nothing in terms of reversing preexisting trends. 2 years after Brexit and Islamic terrorism and immigration has not abated.

And the left continues to spin their wheels in the hope of getting Trump impeached, yet 500 days later they are not an inch closer. I remember in January 2017, everyone, even the NRO-right, was sure Trump would be gone by mid-2018…the narrative was so convincing, that Trump must of colluded, and yet for something so ‘obvious’, a smoking gun has proven elusive…probably because none exists, and just another example of how the media narrative is almost always wrong.