Interesting Jordan Peterson quote

Although misattributed quotes are very common online, if the above quote is actually from Jordan Peterson, that a very liberal thing to say, or dare I say postmodernist. In fact that is leftism (which is a more left-wing variant of liberalism, or something categorically different, because classical liberalism has little resemblance to left-wing liberalism in many instances) in a nutshell. My definition of liberalism is not how most people define’s not just about issues such as abortion, government size, or gun rights, but rather as it pertains to epistemology, ontology, and ethics. By my definition, many people that would be considered right-wing, such as Nassim Taleb or David Hume, are leftists because they deny such absolutes or deny ethical naturalism and believe in the fact-value distinction. Postmodernism denies such absolutes and the existence of ‘terminal’ knowledge or understanding, but also the denial that scientific facts are applicable to values (such as those moronic ‘IQ is just a number’ arguments you hear from the left). Ontologically and epistemologically, this is also related to fallibilism and idealism, in contrast to materialism and empiricism. It is also contrasted to rationalism, and although rationalism could be seen as opposing empiricism, it does not deny terminal/complete knowledge. But the quote is sorta a strawman, as even the most hard-line materialist and determinist understands that scientific theory is amendable. It’s not like scientific progress ever stops.