Post-ideological era, part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote that we are in what can be described as a post-ideological era, as evidenced by the rise of the likes of Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, and Ben Shapiro (whom I have dubbed ‘the four horsemen of centrism’). Yet ideological division is manifestly obvious on social media. Donald… Continue reading Post-ideological era, part 2

More correct predictions: Trump and China

Time Magazine: It’s Time to Give the Trump Administration Some Credit for North Korea Progress. A year ago, the left predicted Trump would be a disaster for diplomatic/foreign relations, the economy, national security, America’s ‘national image’, etc. The NRO-right predicted similar, but to a lesser extreme. Now even Time Magazine, a left-wing publication, has to… Continue reading More correct predictions: Trump and China

The ‘real’ news is often just as bad as fake news

Facebook’s fake war on fake news In August, Facebook announced it would ban pages that post hoax stories from being allowed to advertise on the social network. This precluded a bombshell. In September, everyone who’d been trying to ring the alarm about fake news, despite Facebook’s denials and downplaying, all found out just how right… Continue reading The ‘real’ news is often just as bad as fake news

Bitcoin big down day

Bitcoin drops again, proving what a great ‘store of value’ it is. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 was up yesterday. As discussed a few days ago, 3x leveraged tech fund, since early 2014, has done as well as Bitcoin. Bitcoin drops so quickly because it’s too easy for large sellers to manipulate the price. I still… Continue reading Bitcoin big down day

Notes: tariffs=nothingburger

In agreement with the post I made on Sunday afternoon, the market is not losing sleep over these overblown tariffs, even though the media cannot stop talking about it. Just more evidence the financial media is clueless and useless. This blog, which is run by one person, has a better track record and better advice… Continue reading Notes: tariffs=nothingburger

Those Overblown Trade Deals

‘Wrong’ to think Trump’s tariffs will ‘destroy jobs and raise prices’: Commerce chief My prediction is the Trump tariffs will have no meaningful impact on the economy, despite all the media hype. The tariffs are more of a symbolic gesture to drum-up support from the ‘base’, than a substantive act of economic reform. My heuristic… Continue reading Those Overblown Trade Deals

Technology and Job Loss: The Debate Continues

Over the past four years or so, there has been immense interest in the subject of technological unemployment, specifically, if technology will make jobs obsolete. The answer is obvious: technology destroys jobs; however, news jobs always being created. But will there ever come a time, that, thanks to technology, this balance of job destruction and… Continue reading Technology and Job Loss: The Debate Continues

Physical Removal

literal physical removal at UCLA: Please don't spread this video of a student being dragged away by cops as she accuses Steven Mnuchin of engaging in "the politics of fascism." Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post it. Thank you. — Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) March 1, 2018 So how can a miniarchist government work? Hoppe… Continue reading Physical Removal

Kaczynski’s Philosophy

Kaczynski’s philosophy, along with elements of the far-left and the far-right, I think can best be summed up as anti-humanism. Humanists put the individual at the center of universe, whereas anti-humanists put either a more abstract idea in the middle, such as as god. But also, for the humanist, social problems can be solved through… Continue reading Kaczynski’s Philosophy