Notes: tariffs=nothingburger

In agreement with the post I made on Sunday afternoon, the market is not losing sleep over these overblown tariffs, even though the media cannot stop talking about it.

Just more evidence the financial media is clueless and useless. This blog, which is run by one person, has a better track record and better advice than these multi-billion dollar networks and their vapid analysts.

The but financial media is not in the business of being right–they are in the business of filling the gaps in between the commercials. Without such advertising, the media has no reason to exist. The job of the media is to create the illusion that they are producing valuable content, so they can sell advertising…it’s that simple.

A year from now or longer when it’s obvious the tariffs were a non-issue and the stock market is higher, will all the analysis who were predicting doom, recession, and economic slowdown admit they were wrong? No; they will be back on CNBC and Fox with NEW predictions and narratives of equal uselessness, and the cycle repeats itself.