Physical Removal

literal physical removal at UCLA:

So how can a miniarchist government work? Hoppe advocates ‘physical removal’, which some libertarians oppose because they deem it a form of aggression. But physical removal is often a last step, and it occurs everyday on online communities, except instead of being physically removed, one is given a warning or banned, yet such online communities are self-sustaining without a governing body. This could be applied to real life communities, and individuals who are unable to comply with the implicit and explicit social mores (or what I call the ‘internal value system’) are warned, and failing to to comply, are asked to leave, and failing that, are physically removed from the community. The administrator of a forum can be likened to the monarch or aristocracy of a monarchy, that intercedes very little, and the communities self-regulate. Physical removal can be advocated from a consequential-ist perspective, in that maintaining the well-being and cohesion of the entire community justifies exiling its troublemakers, even if such expulsion constitutes aggression.

Furthermore, the far-left, by blocking and shouting-down ‘controversial’ campus speakers, is engaging in its own form of physical removal. If the ‘left’ can remove people it doesn’t like, so should the ‘right’.