Jordan Peterson won’t debate the alt-right

P-p-p-Peterson won’t d-d-d-bate millennial woes-oes-oes-oes. Woes offered $500 for a debate, but Peterson didn’t respond, and then on Twitter Peterson continued to take potshots at the alt-right, and Woes was correct to point out such arguments are infantile, if not unbecoming, for someone who is supposed to be learned as Jordan Peterson. Yes, Japanese people and Iranians may ‘look’ white in so far as they may have a while skin complexion, but that does not make then white. Even your most brainwashed SJW knows that looking white is not the same as being white. I would have loved to see such a debate, but it won’t happen for the following reasons: Peterson would probably lose; and second, the payoff is vastly asymmetrical in that Peterson has much more to lose financially and in social status than does Woes. Peterson is not going to jeopardize his reputation and massive income stream just to appease and legitimize a vocal minority. SJWs are an easy win for Peterson, that are the wresting equivalent of ‘jobbers’ that make the champion look good. SJWs have a big audience and Peterson knows he won’t lose any followers by debating them, but debating the alt-right and worse, losing, means Peterson will look prevaricating and weak in front of his followers, similar to his ill-fated debate with Sam Harris, as Harris politely put it as ‘wrapped in an axle’. Peterson tried to redefine ‘truth’ to mean something that it wasn’t, and Sam Harris was having none of it. But it was one of the best debates, too, because Peterson was challenged and was forced to think on his feet, rather than given another easy win by reciting from his playbook of Peterson aphorisms.