Rise of Jordan Peterson mirrors the decline of alt-right

The post-2017 meteoric rise of Jordan Paterson and Quillette mirrors the fall/irrelevance of Milo, Spencer, Lauren Southern, and the rest of the alt-right. The funny thing is, when Trump won everyone thought that the alt-right would become even more powerful than it already was, but then Dr. Peterson comes along and suddenly centrism is cool again. Same for the rise of Benjamin Shapiro, who is sorta similar to Dr. Petersen in his nuanced, fast-talking, smart-sounding tone/angle, and whose success mirrors the fall of Milo (which I also predicted [1]).

I am not gloating however. I want the alt-right to succeed, and same for Jordan Peterson, too, and in his public crusade against SJW-tyranny and biological constructionism, is doing an invaluable service. They can complement each other, than being opposed. Jordan Peterson, unlike Milo, is not just being provocative for the sake of being provocative, but has valuable teachings and insights that the alt-right, but also society in general, can benefit from.

The pendulum always returns to the center. From 2008-2011, with OWS, the rise of online atheism, and Obama, it swung too far to the left. And then with the post-2013 rise of centrism and the post-2013 SJW-backlash, it returned to the center. But then from 2015-2017, with the rise of Trump and the alt-right, it swung too far to the right. Now Dr. Jordan Peterson comes along and pushes it back to the center.

[1] My post, published in October 2017, argued that Milo was in a considerably weaker position than Ben Shapiro. Indeed, just a month later, in November, Milo lost the backing of Robert Mercer and now you hardly hear about Milo anymore. And his book, Dangerous, has also been swept into the waste bin of irreverence, because it was just a gimmick that played on him being gay, alt-right, and flamboyant and had nothing substantive to say. And also, Trump is being wishy-washy regarding immigration, again, as I predicted would happen.