Surging stock market a vote of confidence for Trump, America

What became of the recession the left was so insistent would happen if Trump won?

The left wants economic crisis and a bear market, so rich people lose money and Trump loses in 2018. They want Trump to live up to the their idealization of Trump as a monster and a Nazi, so he’s not taken seriously. They want America to stop being so dominant and important globally and economically. They want successful companies such as Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, and Google to fail [1]. They are envious of the success of others. The left wants reality to bend to their desires.

Trump is making the left livid by failing to live up to their worst expectations of him. The world has not ended, as so many on the left predicted/hoped/wanted. Trump is neither a madman nor a monster, but a competent manager overseeing the most powerful economy and free market in the world as he simultaneously fights the demons and traitors within his own party. With the S&P 500 up 20% for the year, on top of 10% gains after his win, if anything, is an overwhelming vote of confidence, not just for Trump, but the US economy as a whole. [It also agree with my numerous posts about how the ‘post-America era’ that the left wanted/envisioned in 2008-2009, never happened.]

Foreign leaders respect Trump and want to work with him. Obama’s diplomacy was one of subservience and submissiveness (as some say, leading from behind). Trump is about driving a hard bargain and striking a deal somewhere in the middle. Which approach conveys strength and generates results? Obviously.

[1] Although Silicon Valley is left-wing, the far-left have in recent years have turned against tech due to concerns such as: wages & working conditions (poor Amazon warehouse working conditions, poor Tesla factory conditions and failure to unionize), taxes (all large tech companies, but especially Google, Amazon, and Apple), ‘fake news’ (the left blames Facebook and Google for not doing enough to crack down on misleading/false stories, causing Hillary to lose), privacy (Facebook and Google especially), DRM protection (Amazon), wealth inequality, social anxiety, addiction and envy, and so on.