Notes: The Odds of Impeachment Are Dropping

Even liberal magazine The Atlantic admits that Trump isn’t going anywhere: The Odds of Impeachment Are Dropping, thanks to strong support within his party:

Among Republicans, Trump’s approval rating has held remarkably steady. The week Mueller was named, according to Gallup, Trump’s GOP support stood at 84 percent. In the days after Donald Trump Jr. was revealed to have written, “I love it” in response to a Russian offer of dirt on Hillary Clinton, it reached 87 percent. In Gallup’s last poll, taken in late November, it was 81 percent. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has not dipped below 79 percent since he took office. None of the revelations from Mueller’s investigation—nor any of the other outrageous things Trump has done—has significantly undermined his support among the GOP rank and file.

According to Predict it, Trump has a 40% chance of being impeached in his first term.