Black pills and tots

The tots, or as I call the alt-bimbos, are symptomatic of the alt-right and far-right being infected with democracy and majoritarianism. They are trying to superimpose western liberal values onto an ethno-nationalist framework, which is counterproductive, incongruous, and absurd. Second, as Roosh and others observe, the tots are merely regurgitating and appropriating concepts produced by much smarter individuals, while being showered with money and followers; third, many are disingenuous and are covert feminists, which would not surprise me. Fighting feminism with feminism is still feminism. The problem is women, unfortunately, tend to be ‘joiners’, as we saw with gamergate and video game culture. Any time they see a movement get off the ground, they want to join, but either inadvertently or intentionally, steer it in a counterproductive direction or dilute it intellectually.

Roosh discusses the The Black Pill

A case can be made for taking the black pill. If the outcome, in many instances, is predetermined and insurmoutable, why resist it. From blackpilling:

‘Blackpilling’ is similar to stoicism or fatalism. These are personal approaches/philosophies, not immutable and universal truths/facts: Blackpilling may work for some, but not for others–it depends on the person. It could mean to acknowledge that the situation, as it presently is, is impervious to change, and that rather than resisting it, which may be waste of time, one should make the best of it upon attaining understanding. Idealism sometimes means fighting an unwinnable war; Blackpilling is to surrender. I think the pill metaphor is overdone anyway. This doesn’t mean having no values. It’s just a more pragmatic, rationalist, realism-based approach that seeks to maximize signal in a society drowning in noise.

As discussed in Reaction, Pacifism, and Realism, at the individual level, the best one can do is focus on their ‘inner circle’: oneself, family, and close friends, than expending too much effort trying to change society. Black pill and stoicism works for me; your approach may differ; I’m not saying my approach is the best. But I see the futility or problems with activism: people on the ‘right’ getting arrested and injured at events; people losing their jobs, and so on. Or how sites such as Zero Hedge keep repeating the same ‘we are doom/economy is doomed’ stuff over and over to no avail. Occasionally, someone on the right will ‘martyr’ their Twitter account in a blaze of glory to make a statement, but I think such people always regret the decision and return to Twitter later, only to have to rebuild their followers from zero. Is it worth losing your main apparatus of communication that you spent years building, just so you can sound like a ‘tough guy’ for a day.

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