Trump disillusionment, part 2

The Trump derangement syndrome isn’t just limited to liberals, apparently.

From Fred Reeeeeed: First Transgender President: Trump Becomes Hillary

Glance at a small part of the record and focus on his changing his tune, not on whether you agree with a particular policy. Erratic, erratic, erratic. He was going to run out the illegals within two years, absurd but he said it. Going to put high tariffs on Mexican goods. Didn’t. On Chinese goods. Isn’t. Tear up the Iran treaty. Didn’t. Declare China a currency-manipulator. Isn’t. Ban Muslims. Hasn’t. Promote good relations with Russia. Isn’t. Get the US out of Syria. Ha. Make NATO pay for itself. Isn’t. The man has the steely determination one associates with bean curd. You cannot trust anything the man says.

Hmmm…he has only been in office for 100 days; to accomplish all those things would take two full terms and Congressional approval. America’s tripartite system of government is designed to be slow expect for crisis such as 911 or the 2008 financial meltdown, when immediate action is necessary. Trump tried to restrict immigration from certain countries, but a judge reversed it. Also, maybe Trump doesn’t want to do any of those things. One must make a distinction between campaign promises and action; obviously, the two are not mutually inclusive, and one is naive to expect them to be.

From the comments, here’s a gem:

I was a Trump supporter. He did a one eighty and so did I. I hope he gets sick and dies.

Not to get all psychoanalytical, but such comments are an external manifestation of internal anger and sense of powerlessness, projected unto Trump and the overall community. People are frustrated that they are so powerless against the system. But democracy adds insult to injury by giving people false hope of change.
Trump is driving the left mad by not living up to their worst expectations/idealizations of him, but that also means he may fall short of ours.