The Trump Disillusionment?

The legacy of Trump presidency may be one the greatest examples of voter ignorance or dissonance–by many pundits the ‘right’ who originally supported Trump but later realized he wasn’t who they thought he was…whoops. With Bush (1st and 2nd), it was obvious what you were getting (a big govt. conservative who supports interventionism, lax borders,… Continue reading The Trump Disillusionment?

Why conservatives always lose

From John C. Wright: The Last Crusade: Rip van Con, and related: Why conservatives always lose. Conservatives are good at winning public office. Right now, the GOP has control of all three branches of government. The GOP controlled the executive branch for much of the 70’s-2000’s, save for Clinton and Carter. Obviously, the GOP platform… Continue reading Why conservatives always lose

The Free Trade Debate, Part 2

Part 1, from back in 2015. Vox Day recently put out a Periscope voicing his opposition to free trade. Given how knowledgeable he is on the issue, trying in any way to refute it seems like a daunting task, but rather than trying to prove someone is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, a shortcut is to defer… Continue reading The Free Trade Debate, Part 2

Getting the Berkeley Riots Wrong

So burned out (no pun intended) on Berkeley Yes, we know the left are hypocrites regarding free speech, when what they really seek is power and control. Right-ists who habitually champion the virtues of free speech are playing by the rules created by the left, unwitting accomplices of their own demise. ‘Free Speech’ is not… Continue reading Getting the Berkeley Riots Wrong

Why There Isn’t More Civil Unrest in America, and Why I’m Not Worried

Do the Berkeley riots portend to the decline and eventual demise of America? No. Retards gonna tard, liberals gonna lib. I predict further geopolitical stability for the duration of Trump’s term (or terms) and continued dominance of America as an economic, militaristic, political, and intellectual-property superpower. Bryan Caplan has a tradition of taking bets. By… Continue reading Why There Isn’t More Civil Unrest in America, and Why I’m Not Worried

The ‘Universal Person’

Some Desultory Remarks on the Concept of “Universal Person” This superior being, then, imagines himself a disembodied entity made of pure thought, and accordingly, where he positively defines his identity at all, defines it in terms of ideology. His loyalties and allegiances lie not with other people, but exclusively to the Ideal- namely, Universal Democracy,… Continue reading The ‘Universal Person’

‘Surprisingly Uneventful’

Despite all this ruckus over immigration, I still stand by my earlier prediction that the Trump presidency will be ‘surprisingly uneventful’. All of this commotion will blow over. Silicon Valley is like the 5-6th branch of government (along with the federal reserve, the Ivy League, and Hollywood), given how much influence tech firms are exerting… Continue reading ‘Surprisingly Uneventful’