Nate Silver defends his methodology as Trump surges

LeBron James praises ‘President Hillary Clinton’ at Cleveland rally

Jay Z, Beyonce headline concert for Clinton

At least Clinton will get the millionaire athlete and rapper vote…that’s a pretty big demographic.

Nate Silver rages at Huffington Post editor in 14-part tweetstorm

This Election Has Nate Silver Cussing at Media on Twitter

Nate Silver is still giving Trump 35% odds and 3pt leads for Fl and NC despite the left’s insistence that he’s wrong. Nate acknowledges correctly that there are vastly more ‘unknowns’ in this election than in 2012 and is factoring this into his analysis. There is a possibility of a Brexit upset. On the day of the referendum vote, the polls had ‘remain’ up 2% and the bookies were giving remain 80% odds, both which obviously were wrong. Trump may get huge turnout. No one really knows how many voters will show for Trump, but given the massive numbers he pulls at crowds, how his message resonates with a lot of people, and the great enthusiasm, it could be a blowout.

Nate Silver Projects Trump Will Win Florida

Silver’s adjusted polling average show Trump with 45.7 percent, compared to Clinton’s 45.4 percent. It is still a tight race, but Silver projects voter turnout will make all the difference. The statistician says that among those who vote in the state on Tuesday, 48.1 percent will vote for Trump, and 47.8 percent will choose Clinton.

Nate is defending his methodology against ‘evangelical’ liberals who want to be told Hillary has a 98-95% chance when such optimism is unfounded. The left constantly criticizes and belittles the right for not believing in the science of global warming, yet the same liberals attack Nate when the math behind his polls doesn’t produce results they want. Like evangelical Christians who reject evolution, evangelical liberals reject the possibility that Hillary’s odds are not 99%.

The left picks and chooses the science they want to believe in. The science of man-made global warming? Correct. Science of natural warming? Ehhh…Science of IQ differences between races and genders, and how IQ affects socioeconomic outcomes? Not up to debate (meaning that the left will not even entertain debate but rather censor all discussion of the matter).