They’re defecting, Mortimer: The rise of Trump and the fall of the ‘Cuck’ empire

It’s so funny how the NYT’s readers, in the comments, are disparaging the multiculturalism that the newspaper espouses. Either these readers represent a vocal minority or the NYT is going to lose a lot of readers, if it hasn’t already. Same with the post-2014 decline of conservative media ‘strongholds’ like National Review Online and World Net Daily, both which are bastions for ‘cucks’, and their readers, particularly in the comments, are defecting, turning to edgier ‘new media’ such as Vox Day, Breitbart, Twitter, and Danger and Play. And then you have the meteoric assent of Trump, catapulted to front-runner status by the France and San Bernardino terrorist attacks, both perpetrated by Muslims, contributing to a deserved anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment that helps Trump. People are concerned, rightfully so, about who is coming into the country, which groups.

Trump is the ‘internet’s’ own politician, sorta like Ron Paul in 2008 but with much bigger balls to say what people really want to hear, with an assertiveness and boldness that for a generation has been missing from US politics. And that’s why, by my estimate, 60-70% of the internet supports Trump.

Because of his charisma and mass appeal, Trump is leading despite spending very little on advertising:

Trump has galvanized millions of people who are otherwise apathetic about politics, as well as emboldening the GOP after a decade of lackluster candidates, with a rallying cry that is 2015’s ‘word of the year’, cuckservative. In 2013 and 2014, we saw the sjw-narrative collapse, which is still imploding to this day, but now we’re seeing the collapse of the ‘cuckservative’ narrative, too, as evidenced by the ignominious end of the Jeb Bush, once presumed to be the front-runner, now just a tall shadow of his former self.

Mike summarizes the Trump phenomenon better than probably anyone else.