Conservatives are smarter, better informed than liberals

Contrary to the leftist stereotype of the uneducated ‘hick’ voting Republican, it’s actually the least educated, lowest income demographic that votes Democratic, suggesting (if we go by IQ vs income & education) on aggregate conservatives are smarter than liberals.

Using educational attainment as a proxy for IQ, the maybe the very smartest vote Democratic, but on average, less intelligent people tend to vote Democratic. The same is also observed for wealth, also a good proxy for IQ, with the very richest tending to lean Democratic, but the professional class voting Republican by a small margin over Democratic.

By a large margin, the poorest are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican.

It’s not surprising the least intelligent and least productive vote for politicians who will enlarge the welfare state. This is why democracy is bad – the fact people who contribute little to the economy and society should have as much say as informed individuals; furthermore, that unproductive individuals can vote for policy that takes away from productive people. Solutions are hard to come by. Simply getting rid of democracy won’t change the fact there are already millions of people dependent on govt. aid.

According to a Pew poll, Republicans are also better informed of the issues than Democrats:

This agrees with my own experience online with both liberals and conservatives. Conservative arguments, in general, tend to be imbued with history and facts whereas liberal arguments tend to be tribalistic and animalistic, phrased as chants rather than actual arguments, examples such as ‘war is bad’, ‘rich people must pay their fair share’, ‘cops are racist’, ‘free healthcare and education for all’, and so on. Most liberals (particularly welfare liberals) are mindless automatons incapable of original thought or critical thinking.