Best Housing Market in the World

Best Housing Market in the World:

The 2005-07 housing bubble and crash looks like speed-bump. You can barely see it.

Palo Alto real estate keeps going up and is quite possibly the best performing region in the world, with prices up 100% in the past three years alone…think about that for a second…those are the size of gains that you would expect to find in a small, speculative stock, not a well-established real estate market, but it’s not a bubble and prices will keep rising. This is part of the post-2008 theme of the big getting bigger, the rich getting richer, and the already expensive becoming more expensive. Bargain hunting and bottom fishing doesn’t always work with real estate – many times you really do get what you pay for, and higher prices in good, well-sought areas tend to beget even higher prices. Expect prices to hit $4-5 million in a couple years or so, thanks to factors such as the unending web 2.0 and stock market boom and America’s high-IQ technological renaissance. Where is the economic decline and post-America era the left predicted would happen? Why is America, and especially its cognitive and financial elite, doing so well when capitalism is supposed to be dead according to the left? What happened to recession 2.0? Why isn’t wealth inequality hurting the economy, despite the left’s predictions it would?