Deconstructing Liberalism

Indeed, it also helps that he was smart enough to get into Harvard. Like the left wanting to believe Einstein failed math, the left tries to create this narrative that college is not necessary for success when, in fact, in most instances it is – it’s just that for people of the highest intelligence it typically doesn’t matter if you go complete college or not, but for everyone else is probably does. The samart users on Reddit know this, which is why the link got 6,000 shares on imgur, and the original tweet was re-tweeted 25-thousand times and ‘favorited’ 36-thousand times. Like a religion, the liberal narrative is about wishful thinking and the denial of the uncomfortable truths about how biology as it pertains to intelligence shapes our lives and socioeconomic outcomes. Empirical evidence goes out the window in the collective leftist delusion that somehow the state can rectify problems that are biological in nature, that taxpayer dollars can fix an achievement gap that is really an IQ gap, or that the most productive, useful members of society should be taxed more to in order to create equal outcomes, not equal opportunities. And on Reddit, Imgur, 4chan … and all over the web, the message to the SJWs and ‘welfare left’ is, the pendulum always swings.

Here is another example of millennial’s assiduous attention to detail, and how the intelligence of the millennials possibly inoculates them from liberalism. The way that the image was deconstructed is similar to how the the left’s lies regarding rape culture, feminism, police brutality, and class warfare are being deconstructed.

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