Stanford’s Free Tuition

The left is fuming over this:

Stanford offers free tuition for families making less than $125,000

The left hates how they had to pay full tuition to go to a crappy no-name school, but high-IQ Stanford (and other Ivy League) students get free tuition and all the prestige that comes with a Stanford degree. This is the type of pro-growth policy we need, to give high-IQ people free stuff since they create more economic value than everyone else. The left would rather deny the un-egalitarian reality some people are smarter (and hence intrinsically more valuable) than others – than to help the very low-income people they claim to support. The left wants free financial aid for dull students to attend low-IQ colleges, and to mix smart students with the dull ones. That way everyone is equal, even if resources (intellectual talent) are wasted.


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