We Solved Everything

With the possible exception of the Germanwings crash, there is like literally nothing fucking going on. 2015, like 2014 and 2013, promises to be an uneventful but prosperous year. Expect web 2.0 valuations to keep rising, but stocks seem to be sputtering possibly due to the strong dollar. We (as a nation) have almost become spoiled by our new era of geopolitical and economic quiescence, or what Pinker calls the Long Peace. On the blogs and in media, people are waiting for the Black Swan that will never happen, to break the monotony. Imagine a classroom where everyone is working on an assignment. America is like the smartest kid who finishes first, goes to the teacher and asks, ‘What’s next?’ and the teacher says, ‘Nothing. You’re done. Sit down until the bell rings’. So you just sit there, board, a victim of your own success as other people (nations) struggle to finish their assignment, mired in malaise. That’s where America is right now – in a period of unprecedented economic and political stability. Like the smart kid in class, thanks to our smart policy makers, web 2.0, HBD and high-IQ people, and the best consumer in the world, we’ve pretty much solved everything. We solved the financial crisis in 2008 with the super-effective TARP, having not looked back since. The tireless bull market than began in 2009 continues to make naysayers look stupid, so we solved the issue of falling asset prices. We’ve conquered the business cycle, turning the boom-bust cycle into a permanent ‘boom’. So this is good news for investors, but not so great for the media, who depend on crisis for clicks, page views and ad dollars.