The Neoconservative Resurgence

Another great day for stocks as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq make new yearly highs: The biological determinism bull market and economic expansion rages on, with those unfit to participate being swept under the rug. There’s certainly no secular stagnation in tech as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Intuitive Surgical, and Facebook crush earnings yet again. Where’s… Continue reading The Neoconservative Resurgence

Bill Ackman and Herbalife

Cockroaches Bill Ackman and James Cramer are attacking Herbalife again. Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman said on CNBC today that he would give the “most important” presentation of his career on Tuesday when he unveils an investigation into Herbalife’s nutrition clubs. In December 2012, Ackman, who runs Pershing Square Capital, gave a 342-slide presentation publicly… Continue reading Bill Ackman and Herbalife

Some Ideas to Reform Education

The left sorrowfully clings to their cheese in the wake of tectonic economic changes. Incapable of adapting, they complain that they cannot keep their old, economically inefficient way of life, that there is too much debt, that stocks are a bubble, interest rates are not high enough, or not enough good paying jobs are being… Continue reading Some Ideas to Reform Education

Some Thoughts on Investing, Investor Exceptionalism, Emerging Markets, Bubbles, and Debt

Theodore Dalrymple of Taki Magazine wrote an interesting article about investing. A passage that stood out: In this life I entrust my savings, such as they are, to advisers, in the hope that they are not of the Bernie Madoff school of finance and investment; but for all I know, or can be bothered to… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Investing, Investor Exceptionalism, Emerging Markets, Bubbles, and Debt

Grey Enlightenment vs. Dark Enlightenment

The ‘Grey Enlightenment’ is similar to the ‘Dark Enlightenment’ in terms of its belief in biological determinism and the social hierarchy or caste system that arises from it, which goes against the welfare liberal ideal of egalitarianism. We differ in that our approach is more descriptive (positive) than prescriptive (normative), as well as taking a… Continue reading Grey Enlightenment vs. Dark Enlightenment

Stock Market Surge a Victory for Biological Determinism

Yesterday, an airplane blew up. Today, it’s the accounts of anyone that shorted the market thinking this was anything but a blip. I wrote that the sell-off would be a good buying opportunity, and sure enough it was. All the major indexes recovered yesterday’s losses. Wealth spreading liberals lose again. It must suck to be… Continue reading Stock Market Surge a Victory for Biological Determinism

Buy the Dip on Ukraine Fears

Stocks tumble 1.2% and volatility surges 40%! as another Malaysian airplane goes down, allegedly by Ukrainian Rebels. While this turn of events could technically mean I was wrong about Russia not being a big deal, there would have been no way for anyone to have made a profit had they bet against the market or… Continue reading Buy the Dip on Ukraine Fears

Blogging and Value

If the market is open, there’s a strong likelihood it will be positive – and indeed it was, with the S&P 500 up another seven points. That may not seem like much, but yesterday Janet dog-faced ‘Yeller’ Yellen, stepping aside from her assigned duties of regulating the money supply, suggested that social media and biotech… Continue reading Blogging and Value

The Greatest of Times?

Despite dysfunction in Washington, an empty suit in the Oval Office, and a political class that is tearing itself apart, people are still getting richer than ever in Silicon Valley and on Wall St. We’re still living in the greatest of times. As the market closes at record highs, more wealth was created in the… Continue reading The Greatest of Times?