The Smartest Generation

From Reddit: Older people of Reddit, what do you think is BETTER about today’s youth? Some of the replies that stood out: They are almost utterly immune to political TV and radio. This generation is less apt to accept the wisdom of their elders. In the past, anything published was assumed to have been vetted… Continue reading The Smartest Generation

Stocks Rally to New Highs as Obama Voted ‘Worst President Since WW2’

Stocks rally to new historic highs on the Hobby Lobby victory and a poll that says Obama worst president since WWII. Midterm losses for the dems is bullish for the economy, so stocks are rallying in anticipation of the republicans controlling the senate and picking up more seats in the house. The GOP has always… Continue reading Stocks Rally to New Highs as Obama Voted ‘Worst President Since WW2’

Indtroduction to Forex

Aaron Clarey of Captain Capitalism has some amusing and informative videos. Disagree with the video about trading Forex. It’s not as difficult as he makes it seem: He says Forex is hard to learn, has a lot of risk and that you should spend a couple thousand dollars at a Forex class. He is right… Continue reading Indtroduction to Forex

Linkfest 7/1/2014

Stocks make record highs as the left awaits the crisis that will never come. We’ve been bullish since 2011 and see no reason to adjust our thesis despite these huge gains. Linkfest 7/1/2014 From Real Clear Politics: Two Cheers for Congress “As much as Obama tried to obstruct compromise, thanks to congress rising to the… Continue reading Linkfest 7/1/2014