Reddit Exposes Racial Hypocrisy

It’s no surprise the left, in their war on success and achievement, is deferential to low-achieving minorities while at the same time depreciative of high-achieving minorities such as Indians and Asians. At CalTech, with probably the highest entrance standards in the US, and no affirmative action: Asians 40%, whites 29%, Hispanics 10%, and blacks 1.7%.… Continue reading Reddit Exposes Racial Hypocrisy

The Rolling Hoax

Rolling Stone, an increasingly irrelevant relic of the Baby Boomer generation that found itself in hot water in 2014 over fabricating a story about rape at the University of Virginia that wrongly implicated a fraternity house, is taking a second round of beating for refusing to fire anyone involved in the hoax. The coverage of… Continue reading The Rolling Hoax