The Smartest Generation, Part 2

Through the Flynn Effect and the American public school system – the most rigorous and difficult one in the world – today’s generation, also known as the millennials, is smarter than any preceding generation, and this is another reason to be optimistic that stocks and Bay Area real estate will keep going up, why America… Continue reading The Smartest Generation, Part 2

Investment Idea #1 with SVXY

Still a slow news cycle with the usual Ebola, Iraq, Gaza and Russia stories. The S&P 500 fell 2.5% last week. Just another dip buying opportunity for those keeping score at home. But some are probably asking, “How can it be a slow news cycle with all that stuff happening?” The outcome of these events… Continue reading Investment Idea #1 with SVXY

Tesla Reports Huge Earnings; Score One for America and Capitalism

Huge earnings from Tesla: Tesla reported adjusted earnings of $0.11 a share, beating Bloomberg’s consensus for earnings of $0.04 a share and loss of $0.26 a year ago. Revenue came in at $857.5 million, versus a consensus estimate for $813 million. Of course, the libs cry ‘socialism’ because Tesla got a loan and subsidies; the… Continue reading Tesla Reports Huge Earnings; Score One for America and Capitalism

Enjoy the Decline? No thanks

Not much going on in this glacial news cycle. Just the usual blah blah blah about Iraq and Putin, like ambient noise of the air conditioner. The gloomers like Aaron Clarey say that America will enter a major decline due to too much debt and the usual factors that have already been covered to death,… Continue reading Enjoy the Decline? No thanks

Out of Wedlock Births: Not Exclusively a Black Problem

If you go on most conservative sites, the decay of the ‘family structure’ in America tends to be presented as a predominantly African American and Hispanic problem, and this is true, but it may come as a surprise to some that outside of America, in predominant white countries, out of wedlock birth and cohabitation has… Continue reading Out of Wedlock Births: Not Exclusively a Black Problem

Verbal Harder Than Math?

Steve Sailor and and Steve Hsu have new posts about education and IQ. Hsu’s post mentions that the infamous Terman IQ Study excluded Nobel laureates Shockley and Alvarez, possibly because highly verbal loaded test hurt their score, causing them to narrowly miss the cut-off. iSteve, referencing an article originally in the New York Times, discusses… Continue reading Verbal Harder Than Math?

High Sharpe Portfolios

I’m taking my own advice to stop reading the news, but unfortunately that means less to blog about. Anyway, last Friday I discussed low volatility “Madoff’ portfolios. One of the most important statistics to keep in mind when constructing a portfolio is the Sharpe Ratio, which measures the risk adjusted return. A low ratio means… Continue reading High Sharpe Portfolios