Bridging The Red Pill and Beta Male Conservatism

The ‘red pill’ people and the Beta Male Conservatives, a subset of MGTOW, have a lot in common: a tendency to defer to empirical logic instead of emotion, a respect for STEM, and being anti-SJW. The beta male is introverted and enjoys solitary activities such as reading and surfing the web, for example. Red pill people, on the other hand, are more itinerant and extroverted, preferring group or outdoor activities such as road trips and dating. There are many women who embrace Beta Male Conservatism, and I think broader society is moving in that way, too, with the post-2008 rise of nerd culture. Scientists Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, for example, are ‘celebrities’ to large portions of the youth population, and are also correct about Islam being a threat to western civilization. Instead of looking up to superficial actors and athletes who merely play a game, millions of people are instead aspiring to be like Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk who create empires. Mathematicians, quants, physicists and daytraders are important, revered people in today’s hyper-meritocracy and post-2008 economic boom. Mike Rowe, who personifies the ‘old economy’, is wrong to push people into the trades. If everyone were a tradeworker, then we’d never have computers or most other major advancements in technology or society. Universities provide research budgets and manpower to advance society. I’d rather work at Facebook or Google in a comfy air conditioned office with amenities such as free gourmet food while earning a solid six-figure salary with seven-figures worth of stock options than doing a ‘dirty job’, and I’m sure anyone working at Google would agree. Mike says someone’s got to those dirty jobs; yes, that’s what the left side of the Bell Curve is for.

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