No, Krugman, Economics Didn’t Fail. You Failed.

Krugman the bearded wimp decries the “enormous intellectual failure” of modern economics Actually, economics and economists did a pretty good job, especially post-2008. As we explain earlier, economists and policy makers don’t necessarily need to be able to predict crisis; they only need to have the tools to keep crisis as brief and contained as… Continue reading No, Krugman, Economics Didn’t Fail. You Failed.

Immigration and Politics

Economically, nothing has changed between 2009 and now. Five years later, we still have the headlines of ‘slow growth’ and ‘fed uncertainties’, the same libs complaining about wealth inequality and the soft labor market, unending quarters of blowout profits & earnings, economic data that keeps being better than expected, huge consumer spending, falling treasury yields,… Continue reading Immigration and Politics

The Last Question, Part 2

In the six years that have followed the bank bailouts, fed doubters have egg on their faces as the US dollar and treasuries post huge gains. To quote Joe, policy hasn’t been perfect, but we’re seeing how smart the U.S. was to ease aggressively early and hard. That’s just one of many reasons why you… Continue reading The Last Question, Part 2

The Last Question

Part of what makes the WSJ interesting yet infuriating to liberals is how they treat billionaires as experts at everything, besides their fields of business, and, without hesitation, will publish whatever crosses a billionaire’s mind in the op-ed, in addition to the usual columnists. The NYT, on the other hand, likes conventional, safe ideas by… Continue reading The Last Question

Pro Growth Policy Ideas

US Dollar heads for best run of gains in 17 years If anything, this huge rally in dollars and plunge in treasury yields means we need things that will increase liquidity and risk taking such as more QE and tax cuts . There is so much demand for the safe haven of US dollars that… Continue reading Pro Growth Policy Ideas

Could Millennials Be More Conservative Than Previously Thought?

Is the smartest generation, the millennials, when matched by age, more conservative than most generations in history, including the babyboomers? The problem with studies that purport baby boomers to be more conservative than millennials is that they are not matching by age. Yes, baby boomers are more conservative, but that’s possibly because they are older,… Continue reading Could Millennials Be More Conservative Than Previously Thought?

College Bashing and Skills Transference

College bashing is popular among the crisis-seeking, anti-establishment left. The best argument they have is anecdotal evidence, that they know someone who is wildly successful despite not obtaining a degree, and thus their single example overrides all empirical evidence from hundreds of studies that show otherwise. The left, like a Malcom Gladwell book, can only… Continue reading College Bashing and Skills Transference

America’s Intellectual Renaissance

A defining charcteristic of the post-2008 intellectual Renaissance is that America is stronger and more influential than ever. The left predicted in 2008, incorrectly, that the over-hyped financial problem would usher in a post-America era. The exact opposite happened. As evidenced by historically low treasury yields, an always rising stock market that has vastly outperformed… Continue reading America’s Intellectual Renaissance