Trump found guilty in hush money trial

The big story is Trump was convicted yesterday on 37 of 37 counts by a New York jury in his hush money criminal trial. Even though technically he broke the law, as that is what a guilty verdict implies, the whole thing is transparently politically motivated and is procedural theatre. Hardly anyone, even on the the left, is genuinely offended at what Trump is guilty of. They just want to see him convicted of something as a ‘win’ on the scorecard. Impropriety of Hush money is like speeding or possession of weed; to the public it’s a non-crime.

I dunno why people are shocked by this or aghast. The case was brought to trial, so there was a date. Trump had already exhausted all his delay options or to dismiss the case, so this was going to happen eventually. Prosecutors do not open criminal cases unless they believe they have a good likelihood of winning. So at some point Trump would have to face a jury, which he did, and get what was coming to him, which he has.

This verdict will make the nation increasingly divided, but it will not lead to civil war, increased unrest or anything serious like that. It will be business as usual, but the public even more entrenched in their positions.

Given that the charges will run concurrently, the number of guilty counts is not that important. As I correctly predicted about the FBI Mar-a-Lago search in 2022 and the Georgia mugshot booking in 2023, he will not spend any actual time in jail and the whole thing will blow over despite him technically being a felon. His sentencing date will come and he may get house arrest or some other special provision that doesn’t interfere with his ability to campaign.

Trump has always defied the worst predictions by his detractors and allies alike. He turns adversity into a fundraising opportunities, raising $7.1 million after his mugshot booking and then another $35 million yesterday after his verdict. When it seems like he is cornered or down for the count, he somehow pulls off the impossible.