The Daily View: 3/13/2024

Item #1: Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Raising Another $500M to Buy More Bitcoin.

Plot twist: this is just a front to acquire the world’s largest private supply of cocaine.This sounds like a Ponzi or pyramid scheme in the making: raise money to buy more Bitcoin, which causes the price of Bitcoin and MicroStrategy stock to rise, which means even more capital can be raised using the inflated stock price as collateral to buy even more Bitcoin, ad infinitum.

A 70-80% Bitcoin correction, like a repeat of 2021-2022 again, will render all these new purchases deep underwater. The smarter move for him would be to raise cash to deploy at a lower price in the event of a major correction, not to buy the Bitcoin immediately. Rushing out to buy Bitcoin at $60,000+ just sounds terrible in terms of risk.

Item 2:

Says the guy who has to tell everyone in his Twitter username he’s a statistician. This guy is like Nassim Taleb and Neil deGrasse Tyson combined. It also just so happens that people who achieve more at life tend to have higher IQs. IQ is useful for its predictive and explanatory power for why some individuals and groups tend to excel or fail.

Item #3:

So many people seek collapse because they want to be the hero of their imaginary movie or epic, as a form of escape, or seek an alternate reality where they have more status or power.

Item #4:

Because this never happens in America, right. Never heard of the ‘Karen’ meme, I guess. A low-trust society entails a lot of surveillance, as people cannot be trusted; in the case of America, ‘big brother’ is crowdsourced.

Item #5:

“our life / lives depend on it” Come again? Life expectancy in the US and worldwide at record highs (the recent dip was due to Covid):

Item #6:

Sam Bankman-Fried’s lawyer asks judge to reject 100-year recommended sentence.

I think he’ll likely get 20-30 years. Despite his donations to Democratic causes, there is nothing to gain by showing favoritism, as his image is tarnished, and showing toughness on crime is always popular or the safe bet. Or he’ll get 10 years and still be out before he’s 40, giving him plenty of time to fail-forward, as these type of people tend to do. The media will write breathless pieces about his ‘second act’ or ‘arc of redemption’.