The defection, part 3: The next shoe drops: Google’s Gemini ‘goes woke’

Just two full months into 2024 has witnessed the following:

1. Major plagiarism scandals and resignations at top universities
2. Biden’s age and declining competency becoming a focal issue that can no longer be ignored
3. Boeing and air traffic controller DEI and door malfunction scandals
4. Google’s Gemini ‘goes woke’ to widespread critcism and ridicule

All of these are helping to turn the center-left away from Biden and the Democrats, as part of the post-2022 left-wing defection I wrote about earlier. Things were bad for the Democrats in 2022-2023, and at this rate 2024 is shaping up to be way worse.

The last item has made headlines everywhere, including Google’s laughable attempt at sweeping it under the rug or blaming its language model for ‘accidently’ excluding whites:

So either the language model training data was intentionally biased, or Google shipped a defective product that they didn’t even bother to test; neither of these reflects well on the company. The third option is perhaps Google knew Gemini was defective, but did not care, not expecting the reaction would be so negative.

Unlike DeSantis’ failed anti-Disney crusade, ongoing theories of the 2020 election being stolen, or the various social media-led boycotts against woke companies (e.g. Target, Disney, Anheuser Busch), there is no way to put the blame on Republicans–whether it was cutting costs at Boeing which led to catastrophe in the skies, the lowering of standards of air traffic controllers to promote diversity, the creation of racially-biased AI training models, or preferential treatment and media cover-up of an increasingly senile president (described as ‘a nightmare’ by the special counsel), or universities turning a blind eye towards plagiarism by its highest staff while at the same time condoning speech that is anti-white–each of these is the left’s own doing.

Centrist/center-liberals tolerated BLM rioting/looting and onerous Covid restrictions in 2020-2021, as Jan 6th was still fresh in people’s memories and ‘anyone but Trump’ was still an effective rallying cry. But high-SES liberals/democrats, who are economic stakeholders unlike low-income or indebted students or other woke holdouts, see that their way of life is under assault, whether it’s crime in their neighborhoods, standards being lowered at their children’s schools, the decline of academic freedom and integrity in higher ed, or transparently pandering and odious diversity initiatives at work.