The daily view: Twitter edition

Well no shit. If Israel made an actual concerted effort to end Hamas, the ‘international community’ would be on its ass even more than it is now. I would say Israel is showing restraint compared to what it is capable of doing. Someone should do a photoshop of Taleb’s famous airplane Covid mask, but make the mask Palestinian-themed in terms of the color scheme in agreement with the current thing.

Here we go again. Remind me in 24 months. As I said before, pundits vastly overestimate the ability of technologies to make jobs obsolete. I run an aggregator of Substack blogs, about 35 blogs total. How many blogs have seen traffic, readership, and revenues decline over the past 2 years, due to the rise of LLMs? Exactly zero. Every blog is more popular, and some way more so, such as Freddie deBoer, Noahpinion, and Grey Mirror/Moldbug. The exact industry that LLMs should render obsolete, is booming. This is seen for other mediums of writing too. LLMs are churning out endless spam on Twitter/X, but this has not hurt incomes and demand for top human writers. But I predict that AI-generated content will be much more pervasive and common, but record demand for top human talent at the same time. It’s sorta like how ATMs didn’t render bankers obsolete, but rather that the banking sector as a whole has grown and employs many more people compared to a century ago. Economics as a profession leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s right about how technology does not destroy jobs.

“Grow your own food in your self-made compost” “Limit carbs and sugars” Hmm…but what are fruits and vegetables made of? The fact that this contradiction exists shows how hopeless the situation is (and also the uselessness of the ‘health influencer’ profession). Despite more data than ever, no one really knows anything. At best we have underpowered studies that amount to hunches or educated guesses. Consumers are arguably way more health-conscious compared to 50 years ago. Many food brands/manufactures emphasize how their foods are ‘free of preservatives or additives’ or ‘gluten free’, yet Americans are FATTER THAN EVER TOO, so evidently it’s not helping. By comparison in the 70s before the rise of obesity, TV dinners were quite common, which are full of preservatives and have fallen out of popularity, yet more obesity than ever. Same for fitness and gym memberships, which are way more common today compared to generations ago. So in other words, Americans are eating healthier than ever, and are more active than ever, and more health-conscious than ever, yet simultaneously fatter than ever too.