Ads are everything, not AI

I saw this going viral. The war on ad-blockers is in full-swing:

Puts on Google? This makes me want to buy calls.

AI is important, but as I said, the future is more advertising and increasingly pervasive advertising, not AI, VR, or blockchain. Most of FAANG-tech’s resources or priorities are about:

-thwarting ad-blocking (detecting when an ad-blocker is being used)
-optimizing ad revenue (Google ads blended into search results better)
-finding new ways to display ads or new ad formats (like Netflix running ads, ads integrated into apps, etc.)
-getting more customers/advertisers
-‘big data’ in the context of optimizing the display of ads and targeting of ads

Ads are everything. In the early 2000s the web was dominated by porn, poker, and pills, but now it’s social networking, video, and tons of ads. Without ads, much of the web we use would not exist. I don’t see AI or VR changing this much. This is why Meta and Google are such great investments, and will continue to be so, being on the forefront of advertising and are so overwhelmingly dominant in this regard, particularly those super-pricey mobile ads.