The Daily View 9/13/2023: Trump, Ukraine, Bitcoin, Ark Investments

#1 Huge sentences handed out for Proud Boys members, including a record 22 years for Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio for Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy.

As I said here, this notion that Trump is being persecuted is wrong. It’s more like his followers and supporters are, but Trump is still above the fray. Despite a list of charges and indictments as high as the ceiling, he’s still technically a free man, and can use his clout to try to secure some sort of deal to avoid jail time, or drag the process out long enough that he eventually get pardoned before the trial finishes (high profile cases take forever). Only Trump can get away with being Trump, similar to how many wannabes who think they can copy their MMA idols usually end up just getting injured. Those who emulate him usually end up getting in trouble. There is no rational reason for anyone to take the legal or career risk to openly support Trump, to attend pro-Trump IRL events, etc. The downside considerably greater than the upside due to informants, the possibly of violence by the left, surveillance, etc.

#2 Throwing good at the bad: Fears of Ukraine graft grow as US tries to tackle corruption with new aid package.

As I predicted, donating to Ukraine was a huge scam. I remember in early 2022 Vitalik Buterin was extolling his millions of Twitter followers to donate to fund a war which I correctly predicted would be a quagmire and line the pockets of the leadership of one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and millions of dollars were sent. He and his donors expected a decisive win for Ukraine, but has gone quiet and is tweeting much less than usual (once a month for blog updates instead of many times per month) probably because he has regret over of being a party to this bloodshed. He has blood on his hands for being an accomplice in this.

#3 Bitcoin fails to recover, still stuck at $25,700 nearly a month after it crashed from $29,500. As I correctly predicted, there has been no recovery. So I was right twice: that Bitcoin would crash and then it would not recover. Here is what I wrote, bold emphasized: “The price imploded in the hours after making my post yesterday, breaking below $26k due to a combination of chart weakness, Space-X, and the Evergrande bankruptcy. It’s not gonna bounce back to $29k either.” Sure enough, still stuck like a stick in the mud below $26k:

#4 ARK Investments continues to lag, as I predicted in 2022 it would:

ARK (in blue) is only up 2% over the past year compared to 27% gains for the QQQ (in black) and 15% gains for the S&P 500 including dividends (in gold). Just more evidence ‘girl power’ is also a big scam that promotes identity over competence, similar to affirmative action. In 2020-2021 Cathie Wood was held up by the financial media as the lone ‘girl genius’ in a field dominated by men, and indeed she is in a class of her own of having among the worst-performing funds for 2021-2023.