Another great day, update on BTC method

Yesterday some people made money by betting on the Superbowl. For me it’s trading.

Last week I said BTC would drop (screenshot) and here it is $1200 lower now, in part due to the Kraken exchange suspending it’s Ethereum staking program, at the behest of the SEC. Here it is today:

The news is Paxos is suspending its ‘BUSD mint’ after getting a warning by the SEC. The government is continuing to tighten the screws on crypto.

I profited from this too. I’m up a lot since early November 2022 with my BTC method, which is working great today, too. Today, the Nasdaq up 1.3%, BTC down 2% to $21,500:

BTC going back to $16k soon and sub $10k by end of year…I will continue to profit from this while reaping the upside of the Nasdaq. If the nasdaq falls, I am still hedged by shorting BTC. I cannot lose (famous last words…blah blah). This is why I’m still the GOAT. It’s easy predicting and profiting from this…I even give the blueprint how. Many people can talk a big game but how many can do it.

I have always had a knack for picking up stuff or ‘seeing things’. I completed something like 4 year’s worth of material, including basic/intro calculus, in the span of a year and a half. I had several tutors to help cover the material after where my high school left off, because its math program was weak. And there was not much info online at the time. Also, calculus in high school was not that common back then as it is today. I am still grateful for their help. I wrote some papers pertaining to quant finance and special functions, but lapsed on the math.

I decided to see if by myself I could write something of research-level quality, which I did last year. And then soon after I found the BTC method, too. The sort of mental clarity and imagination needed to succeed at math works for finance too, or probably anything in life. Finance is hard, but like math, is something that can be understood.