Right again about Russia-Ukraine

I saw this going viral

This is exactly what I predicted would happen a year ago, right after the conflict broke out. All the esteemed experts were predicting either a full-on world war, nuclear war, escalation (other countries getting involved but short of a world war), or a win for Ukraine. A minority predicted a win for Russia. An even tinier minority, myself and maybe 3 other people, predicted a stalemate and this dragging on forever.

World leaders do not want war. They have almost nothing nothing to gain, except when the US initiates it, of course, and infinite downside. The last thing Putin wants is to be obliterated by going too far. His hope was Ukraine would concede or some negotiation would be worked out, but to no avail. Ukraine has the full backing of the US, short of the US actually deploying troops, such as intel, so there is little reason for Zelensky to negotiate or concede.

That’s why I’m still one of the best forecasters alive. It’s not hype. It’s backed by actual results. That’s also why I’m also right about bitcoin still being weak. 3x funds still beat Bitcoin over a 2, 5 year timeframes. This is the chart that crypto evangelists do not want you to see, because it shows that boring old index funds (albeit, leveraged ones) beat the most overhyped bubble in human history.

5 years:

2 years: