Health authorities and experts have no skin in the game

Health authorities and experts kept their high-paying jobs, but businesses were forcibly closed and people laid off. The lockdowns were economically destructive and failed to prevent Covid from returning, as seen in China, the US, and most of Europe. Such health experts suffered no consequences professionally for being so wrong.

People like myself and others were correct in early 2020 about the lockdowns not working for a virus as contagious and with a propensity to mutate, as in the case of Covid, and also about Covid not being as lethal as initially feared by the experts. Anyone who espoused criticism of the prevailing narrative risked having their social media accounts suspended and content censored.

The ‘science’ was that the lockdowns were never going to contain Covid even under optimal conditions, unless extended forever, which would be infeasible anyway. Sure, Covid is contained but the economy has been obliterated and tens of millions of people are unemployed…what a great tradeoff.

Or it shows how much Taleb has fallen since 2018 or so.

He was not always this bad. He’s no different than the far left now, like AOC or Elizabeth Warren but slightly smarter and more well-read, which is not saying much. His attacks on Lex Friedman for the pettiest of reasons is pure clout chasing. Oooh…he cannot possibly read those books in a week, what a phony. So what.