Taleb tweets, continued

Taleb’s opinion of Elon buying out Twitter is predictably woke:

This is ironic, of course, given Taleb has blocked more people than probably anyone on the site. As others noted in the comments, blocking someone is not the same as banning/suspending someone, which would be censorship.

As I argued before, censorship is an unavoidable part of the internet (or otherwise it would be overrun by trolls, off-topic content, and spam). The problem is not censorship, but rather unfair enforcement of the rules. Second, social media sites have become extensions of one’s individual identity. People invest considerable time and effort into building a social media presence, such as followers and branding, so being suspended/de-platformed is a much bigger loss than having your 4chan post deleted or being banned from some random forum or chatroom.

Here he is acting like the true SJW that he is:

Yeah, except that The Economist and Twitter are categorically completely different. Note how this tweet contradicts the first one. So anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the BLM systemic racism worldview or the Bill Gates vaccine worldview should not be allowed to the use the site.

I think his dislike of Elon and his supporters is to some degree motivated by jealousy more so than Covid misinformation. Taleb is at war with himself. He’s successful, for sure, in terms of being a popular author and getting media coverage for his ideas, but he was a mediocre trader and a mediocre fund manager who never made as much as he wishes he did, nor has he had much success at publishing important research either in top journals. So he occupies a sort of personal hell of being decent at some things but not great, and knowing that he will never escape the well of mediocrity fosters resentment against the more successful.

And here he is still shilling his useless seminar program:

So if I identify as a female I can get in free?

And Cernovich with another weak take, which somehow got 7,500 likes:

I dunno…become president? It’s much harder to pass federal legislation compared to state legislation. The Florida legislature has only 160 members vs. 535 members of Congress. Also, state legislatures tend to be more polarized compared to at the federal level, making it easier to pass legislation. Trump is rich, but obviously not in the same league as someone like Musk or Bezos.