So Much for That, Part 4, Biden vs. Putin

For months Vox Day and the alternative media have been pushing a narrative that Biden and Putin hate each other, which I had suspected to be BS. But it was not just the alternative media that got this wrong, but so did purportedly ‘reputable’ sources, such as Foreign Affairs, which in early April 2021 predicted a deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations.

But sure enough, Putin-Biden Handshake Kicks Off Historic Geneva Summit:

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin exchanged smiles and a firm handshake before a U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva. The two men were welcomed to the 19th century Villa La Grange by Swiss President Guy Parmelin, who said he hoped for “fruitful dialogue in the interest of your two countries and the world.” Putin reportedly told Biden: “I would like to thank you for the initiative to meet today.

So much for that narrative. Like pro wrestling feuds, supposed acrimony between Biden and Putin was staged and exaggerated by the clickbait media. There is no reason to expect a Biden presidency to be worse for Russia than under a Trump presidency. The evidence suggests otherwise given how much oil and gas prices have surged this year under Biden. Second, Biden has favored a hands-off approach to foreign policy, and Biden’s perceived malleability means that foreign leaders are less inclined to feel challenged by him. Pissing off Trump meant you got sanctions…pissing off Biden means nothing, no retaliation (a senile 80-year-old and his woke handlers are are not exactly exemplars of strength). Trump imposed sanctions on Russia, Turkey, China, and Iran. Once again, I keep being right: right about bitcoin being a bad investment, right about stocks going up, the US economy, etc.

The alternative media isn’t much better than the mainstream media, rather it is wrong but in a different ways. Always do you own research. It may be too early to know what will happen with Putin and Biden, but my money would be on relations being amicable.