The NEET-demic

Why is the left so concerned about NEETs? For liberalism to work requires that people submit to the system, such as by attending diversity training at work, by being indoctrinated at school, and by pledging one’s allegiance to the ‘state religion’ that is social justice. NEETs, by dropping out of society, refuse to have any of that, and thus cannot conform to the left’s social agenda. The left want wants young people to go into debt to be indoctrinated about white privilege in college, and then be indentured to corporates servitude in order to pay off that debt, with more brainwashing in the workplace about ‘diversity initiatives.’

NEETism can be thought of as adjacent to MGTOW, which the left also strongly opposes. Because NEETs are not breaking any laws, the only recourse the left has is to try to shame and embarrass them. It’s funny how liberals suddenly become pro-family traditional conservatives when it comes to NEETs and MGTOW. Suddenly, men voluntarily choosing to disengage from the very system that they, the left, created, is a crisis. Who is going to pay these professors’ salaries to teach a new generation about oppression and white privilege if men ‘go their own way’ instead of having children? Who is going to pay Disney and Hollywood to see the racially-inclusive rewrite of the latest superhero reboot, when young people are eschewing careerism, which is needed to fund a consumer-driven lifestyle and economy?

Also, many NEETs are making way more money with stock trading (such as on r/WallStreetBets) than most people with ‘regular jobs’, without having to go into debt for a degree or playing the corporate ‘rat race’ game. Given how much rent keeps going up, and same for home prices (the narrative was that Covid would make housing cheaper..ha ha so much for that..dream on), it is understandable but also perhaps financially expedient for young people to live at home , even into their late 20s or early 30s, instead of pissing away money month after month to a landlord. Instead of going into debt to ‘keep up with the joneses,’ NEETs and MGTOWs are able to enjoy a comfortable, low-impact, low-cost lifestyle, with an emphasis on personal autonomy instead of wage slavery. It’s as if these liberals (and probably some conservatives) want to condem these young peopel to the same indebtednes and missery that they themselves signed up for.