Taleb gets Covid

This is pretty funny…Nassim Tooleb (aka angry Arab man) got Covid:

But I thought the masks were supposed to prevent this from happening, according to Taleb. Yet in spite of the most stringent of precautions on Talab’s part, including wearing goggles and a face shield and multiple masks, he still got it.

In 2020 he said that people who do not wear masks and do not social distance, deserve to get Covid or should be denied treatment. So Tooleb broke his own rule. By being contagious, he inflicted harm on others. If only he were psychic he would have known better. I wonder if he will use this diagnosis to reflect and recant on some of the things he said earlier. Likely not. The left never apologizes.

Having gotten over Covid, he is back to insulting people on twitter:

Will Taleb’s Twitter account ever be penalized, let alone suspended, for repeated violations of the Twitter TOS regarding harassment? Of course not. The left always looks after its own. Toeing the ‘party line’ about Covid gives his account immunity, as he is a useful idiot and propaganda apparatus for the left. Meanwhile James Woods got temporary suspended a long time ago for some really lame reason I cannot recall. Roger Stone was banned a few years ago for calling Don Lemon a ‘fucking idiot.’ And, of course, Trump was banned for the vague charge of ‘inciting violence’, which is a favorite boilerplate excuse of the left to ban conservatives from its platforms.

I don’t necessarily want a right-wing version of Twitter (as Parler tried and failed to do) but rather just a version in which the rules are enforced equally, and Conservatives can speak their minds without fear of being banned for the slightest of imagined offenses, like before 2013 or so. Part of the appeal of Twitter, and why competitors such as Gab never caught on, is that the ideological diversity of Twitter allows for the comingling of ideas, and the huge userbase on Twitter is necessary for posts to go viral, whereas viralness is not possible on Parler or Gab. For a post to go viral, it has to cross ideological divides and be relatable across wide swaths of people, not just a niche audience. Memes and witty quotes making fun of out-of-touch boomers or about the absurdities late-stage capitalism, frequently go viral on Twitter, as they are a shared narrative that both the high-IQ left and the high-IQ right can relate to.