The Party of Pandering

Trump speaks at White House American History conference

It is annoying how Trump tries so hard to appeal to minorities, even more so than many democrats, and plays the dems-are-the-real-racists card. I know why he does, as it is good optics for the boom/gen-x base, but it gets tiresome, If I wanted pandering to minorities and accusing others of racism, I would vote for Biden or would have voted for Hillary. This is what sucks about conservatism in America. All you get is pandering, while the ‘white base’ is ignored or taken for granted, Democrats , at least in comedy before political correctness took over, did not pander bur rather pushed boundaries, as opposed to republicans , who have been pandering for the approval of minorities since Reagan.

Some say the reason conservatism loses is it tries to play the left’s game, but fails. Although the right cannot play the left’s game as as well the left does, it stands to lose nothing by trying, so the right continues to pander, as there is only upside (however little) and no downside. Trump pandering to blacks will help him get at least some of those votes, to the detriment of the left, all while retaining his base of white voters, who are loyal and will not defect (democrats however cannot pander to whites without offending their POC, single-women, LGBT base).

The real problem is conservatism, at its core, is reactionary. This means it is a dead-end, in so far as it only exists to resist or mimic liberalism but cannot replace it. As Moldbug has alluded to, the left-right dichotomy and politics arises from the struggle for power between competing interests. The left continues to spiral because they perceive their power is being threatened, so conceding to the left, in theory, should arrest and reverse the spiral, until politics and political parties cease to exist (like it was before The Reformation), ushering in post-political era and a steady-state society in which everything is in harmony and under control, without various interests competing with each other. This is very idealistic, and leave a lot unanswered, such as how can we we be certain the left will stop spiraling, or what government will arise under such a system.