‘Law and order,’ but selectivity enforced

A common argument or refrain from the right is that the left is opposed to ‘law and order,’ or that law and order is being undermined by democrats. I think, rather, law and order is being selectively enforced. So in the case of BLM and other protesters wrecking havoc, there is very little law and order.

But consider the massive twitter hack 3 weeks ago which saw dozens of celebrity accounts, including the accounts of Elon Musk, Apple, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and many others, infiltrated to promote a Bitcoin scam. It took investigators little time to locate and arrest the three culprits, just a little over two weeks after the hack was done, by linking anonymous online posts and Coinbase accounts to the real identities behind them. Investigators wasted no time in getting to the bottom of this, whereas many criminal fraud cases can take years or longer to solve. And even more impressively, US investigators were able to get the UK to comply and arrest 19-year-old Mason Sheppard from the United Kingdom, also suspected of being a part of the Bitcoin scam, without the faintest hint of resistance by courts, lawyers, or human rights groups. It is not like making an arrest and extradition of a foreign national is a trivial matter.

So to say law and order does not exist is demonstrably false. It’s stronger than ever. The FBI and DOJ have considerable clout over foreign governments to comply, including even governments that are hostile to the US for fear of possible sanctions and other retaliation, and near-limitless resources at their disposable. But because the Twitter hack revealed the gullibility or naivete of Twitter’s mostly left-wing userbase (in terms of the number of people who fell for such an obvious scam), targeted mostly left-wing accounts (such as Bill Gates), and revealed the ineptitude of Twitter management in letting the hack happen, this could not be allowed to stand.