Blame mega-corps for woke agenda, not activism and NGOs

I think we are going to be entering a news drought soon. Last year at around this time Jeffery Epstein died, which was a huge deal. And then shortly after, the Trump impeachment process also began, also a big deal. There is not really much to look forward to to kick the lull, until the hugely-anticipated Trump vs. Biden debates begin. The George Floyd are still raging on in parts of the country, but it’s sorta like ambient noise now. No one really cares that much anymore. The same footage reels being replayed over and over. Same for Covid, which no one really cares about much either. The media keeps saying cases are rising. No shit; a monotonically increasing function is always rising: a case cannot be ‘un-cased.’

A month or so ago, Roosh put out a video (which given the unfortunate circumstances of Roosh’s channel, I am unable to link to) about how Soros and various NGOs are funding BLM and pushing the ‘woke agenda.’ He mentioned that the Ford Foundation and Soros have a combined $15 billion, as well as hundreds of smaller groups, which are funneling money into various subsidiaries to fund such radicalization efforts. He makes a good case, but as discussed a while back, Soros is possibly not getting much bang for his buck, as BLM has been ineffective–in spite of all the media attention it gets and all the noise and commotion its members makes–at achieving any of its objectives, whether it is de-funding the police (which many liberals oppose) or securing convictions of officers (such as the acquittal of Darren Wilson, which came as a major loss to BLM; or in 2015 a grand jury declining to issue an indictment in the death of Sandra Bland).

I argue that change comes from within governments and corporations, not from activism. The woke agenda is almost entirely the making of the mega-corporate and national-scale political class. Although Soros’ billions may seem like a lot, it is a rounding error compared to the likes of Google, Amazon, Disney, and Nike. Google alone is worth $600+ billion. Same for Facebook. The combined endowments of these organizations is minuscule compared to the cash reserves and revenues of these giant corporations. Disney is able to have way more of impact on the cultural-front merely by changing the gender, sexuality, or race of a character of an important franchise, than anything BLM can do. Tim Cook is way more influential than Soros by endorsing LGBT rights, and putting Apple’s $100+ billion war chest behind it. Mark Zuckerberg’s occasional open letters, which he publishes on his personal Facebook profile, are massive news events in and of themselves, and read and scrutinized by the most important and influential policy makers and executives in the world. None of this involves activism or taking to the streets.

Look at how big of an issue trans rights have become over the past 3 years, yet how many pro-trans protests/riots have there been? Exactly. It was all the product of governments and corporations pushing this agenda in the boardrooms and through ‘code of conduct’policies [when a large, influential tech company such as Github or StackOverflow changes its COC and TOS to push a woke agenda, other companies follow suit] , which is more effective than boots-on-the-ground activism.