If Biden Wins…

My inclination is to believe that things will not be as bad under Biden as many on the right are assuming. One would be hard-pressed find a single issue in which Trump has actually successfully resisted the left. I cannot imagine things being worse than they are now in terms of tech censorship, campus radicalization, ‘cancel culture,’ BLM-inspired protests/riots, and ‘woke capitalism.’ All of these things have exploded onto the scene since 2017 or so. Look at the push for trans rights over the past 3-4 years. In 2016 it seemed there was much less discussion about it, but now the issue is of paramount importance even though trans people are just a fraction of a percent of the general population.

For someone like Susan Wojcicki, Trump is the worst person in the world, Pence is probably the second-worst, and Trump supporters collectively are the third. So with Trump gone, maybe is there a glimmer of hope that she and others like her will dial down their agendas, at least a bit. It is not just social media censorship but also payment processors , notably Paypal and Stripe, cutting off the ability of conservatives to raise money.

Biden will likely push for a huge stimulus with PPP loans and more $1000 checks, similar to what Trump has done. Dealing with the economic aftermath of Covid will likely keep Biden busy until 2022 or later, as opposed to social-justice issues. Covid is not going away anytime soon. Biden, imho, lacks the mental and physical stamina and determination to push a hard-left agenda, but his advisors may certainly try. Regardless of who wins, I don’t foresee my life changing much on a day to day basis. Economically, the stock market will still keep going up, but perhaps not as much as it would under Trump.

People think that predicting the stock market and the economy is hard. Predicting politics is way harder, if not impossible. People thought that Obama would close Gitmo and end the Middle East wars. He didn’t. People thought Trump would build a wall and deport record number of immigrants. He didn’t; rather, immigration issues were overshadowed by economics (such as Trade wars with China) as well as scandals and crisis (such as FBI investigation, impeachment, Covid, etc.). People thought that Bush would privatize Social Security. He didn’t, because 911 abruptly ended those plans. Time and time again, the actual agenda differs greatly from what is promised during the campaign, often due to unforeseen factors or political inertia.