Taleb stands with ‘cancel culture’

I know this is sort beating a dead horse, but Nassim Tooleb beyond any shadow of a doubt has revealed himself to be an SJW (at at the very least , sympathetic to them):

Taleb stands with ‘cancel culture’ and defends the de-platforming of Stefan Molyneux cuz ‘mean racists on teh interwebs hurt his feels.’

“Hate,” a favorite term of the left to dismiss and suppress content they disprove of, without having to debate or understand it. It is as if Molyneux should be blacklisted on some sort of “hate list” as a ‘bad thinker.’ Taleb is literally using the left’s language and terminology, in justifying the censorship of someone.

In playing the victim, Taleb omits the key detail which is that he began the feud with Molyneux by calling his followers racist and ignorant, and equating the study of IQ to eugenics and Nazism. So Taleb wants to accuse others of racism, and then plays the victim when Molyneux’s followers defend themselves against his baseless accusations. Last year, one of Molyneux’s followers made a post or comment about Lebanon having a mean national IQ of 83, which Taleb took personal offense to and responded by calling said poster a racist, but there is nothing implicitly racist contained within such a fact, which anyone can verify online. Equating facts with racism and imperialism/power is characteristic of the postmodernist-left, as Dr. Jordan Peterson calls it. Racism is about action, not data; for someone to be a racist according to the original definition of the term, one must knowingly and intentionally discriminate or harm an individual of a different race, based on racial motives. The definition was later expanded to include personal beliefs of the superiority of one’s own race over another race, which in that case, blacks and Hispanics are way more racist than whites. African Americans have an entire month and a federal holiday devoted to them, but whites have to pretend their culture and heritage doe not exist. Taleb wrote a book titled ‘Anti Fragile’ but he sure demonstrates fragility, psychologically and temperamentally, when his views on IQ or mask wearing are questioned.

But principles aside, there is delight in seeing your enemies be cancelled, but Taleb celebrating Molyneux’s cancelling really looks bad on him, as it shows who Taleb really stands with, which is the SJW-left.