The left’s only hope

In regard to Super Tuesday, If I had to wager, Trump will likely be reelected regardless of who the nominee is, but I cannot put a specific probability on it. I cannot say it will be a blowout. It could be like 2016 in which Trump wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote. The left’s only hope now is that the virus gets worse and leads to a full-fledged market crash and recession similar to 2008. And second, that the narrative and perception by the general public is that Trump somehow messes up or is ill-prepared, similar to Bush in regard to Hurricane Katrina. I don’t think either of those will happen. Those who supported Trump early on will continue to do so; those who oppose Trump will look for any justification to blame him, no matter what the outcome is. The administration tomorrow could unveil a vaccine and CNN would find some reason why it’s not good enough. The fed is aggressively cutting interest rates now. A 1/2 percent interest rate cut in an otherwise strong economy is unprecedented. It is too soon to even know what the economic fallout from the virus will be (I predict it will be much less than expected), but the fed pulling out the stops. Policy makers are doing everything in their power to prevent things from getting worse.