No idea what he is talking about

This is why you shouldn’t take investment advice from people who have no idea what they are talking about:

Is Boeing going down?

Why else is Boeing stock down from $400 in 2018 to $324 now? That loss was anticipated long in advance, unlike Enron in which the loss was sudden and without an obvious cause (that was later , as we know, revealed to be a massive fraud). In fact, the stock is up 2% today because the loss is not as big as originally feared. No doubt, the 337 situation is a mess, but it sales of the 737 Max only accounts for 30% of Boeing’s revenues.

And more nonsense from this author: Is the coronavirus weaponized?

Harvard epidemiologist says he is not saying the Corona virus was bioengineered as a bioweapon, but a new study analyzing the full genome says it does have a center segment in its genome encoding a special protein to get it into human cells, and that center section does not appear to have indices of having gotten there through normal natural random mechanisms:

Wow a Harvard epidemiologist. They can never be wrong. He’s not saying that he is full of shit, but likely is. That is how cross-species mutational infections work.

At only 100 deaths, if the coronavirus is supposed to be a weapon, whoever designed it is going to be fired considering that even the common cold kills way more people. If it was weaponized, the morality rate would be much higher and it would be deployed in dense areas (such as Subways) to maximize spread and fatalities.