Trust the plan, they said

wow…Trump to sign executive order targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses

Was this part of the plan.

The Republican Jewish Coalition applauded the move, with the group’s chairman, former Senator Norm Coleman, calling it “a truly historic and important moment for Jewish Americans” and hailing Mr. Trump as “the most pro-Jewish President” in the nation’s history.

The Trump administration has previously acted to constrain perceived campus anti-Semitism, last year reopening a case of alleged discrimination against Jewish students at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The realization is setting in that there is no plan and that ‘politics as usual’ wins again. Trump is doing what is most expedient politically. It’s looking like Israel first, not America first. MAGA has become MIGA (make Israel great again–or–make immigration great again).

However, some Jews are complaining that this executive order may foster antisemitism because it classifies American Jews as a distinct ethnicity, as opposed to being wholly ‘American.’ I have noticed that some Jews are conflating this with race, but race and ethnicity are distinct, the latter being cultural and the former biological and immutable. These liberals who are invoking comparisons to Nazism ignore and or too naive to realize that the Nazis saw Jews as a distinct and separate race as opposed to a distinct ethnicity. There is nothing in this executive order that singles out Jews as a race, and many of these same leftists who want to play the race card in regard to African Americans and Asians, suddenly bristle at having it played on them, even when it isn’t. And how can antisemitism exist if Jews cannot be classified as being distinct from that which is subjugating them. For antisemitism to exist necessitates classification and categorization. Major cognitive dissonance going on. At least Trump is good for revealing the left’s incoherence, if nothing else.