Three words: Pardon Roger Stone

I wonder if there is a person, a POTUS perhaps, that could do that?

Part of the problem is, Turmp is still acting like it is 2014-2015 and he is on the outside looking it. He is on the inside. He is the President of the United States, one of only 45 people in the history of the United States to hold this distinction. Start acting like it.

If Trump does not pardon Stone, he deserves to lose. Not saying that he will or that I want him to, but failure to pardon Stone, even though he is not a significant figure anymore, is still a slap on the face of Trump’s supporters and a win for ‘the swamp’ and ‘deep state.’ The power to pardon the one thing he can do by decree. Even President George H.W. Bush, who epitomizes the GOP cuck/neocon establishment conservative, in 1992 pardoned the six defends on the the Iran-Contra scandal.